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Schedule a session with a team member to get to know your needs and walk you through Scaffold Ed.

  • Talk through your goals and challenges with managing your student information

  • Learn more about how you use student data

  • Try building your first workflows and connections with Scaffold Ed

Why onboarding?

We know every minute of your day counts and that onboarding may feel like more work, but that's exactly why we do it.

Every new user gets a free one-on-one session to help you work through your challenges and get you setup fast.

Instead of spending a lot of time learning a new tool by yourself, we want a few minutes with a team member to save you a few hours of headache.


    Want to get your whole school on board?

    Use Scaffold Ed to give your colleagues safe and reliable access to the data they need without sacrificing good data governance.

    We help you break down information siloes without breaking your teachers' spreadsheets.