The fastest way to learn what's going on in your school.

Get safe and reliable access to the school data you need wherever it lives. Build reports and dashboards with live data in Google Sheets.

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insight at your fingertips

Spend less time searching for what you need

Build & automate student cohort reports, RTI dashboards, shared summary tables, IEP monitors, and more with data directly from your data sources.

easy integration

Access to your data sources in seconds

Stop dealing with CSV files and waiting on helpdesk requests. Build imports directly from your data sources and create live connections so your data is always up-to-date.

aggregate before import

Cut down on messy data

Match information from different tables and sources before pulling it into your Google Sheets to cut down on the noise.

sql converter

Build with or without SQL code

Easily convert your automations into SQL code for extra customization and more detailed exports.

Simple to get started, safe to use

How it works

Scaffold Ed helps you import data directly from the systems that you'd usually need a data engineering team member to help you access.

Once you connect your data warehouse, SIS, and other apps you can build custom reports and dashboards with live data in Google Sheets.

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no new accounts
Sign up straight from your Google Account

We all have too many passwords to remember and accounts to manage, that's why you just have to login with Google to get started with Scaffold Ed.

Personalized onboarding
Get matched with a personal data coach

A dedicated team member works with you to make sure Scaffold Ed aligns with your school's data governance guidelines.

keep the tools you love
Sync your data with new or existing Google Sheets

Import data directly into your school's spreadsheets and shared Drives you've to always keep your colleagues in the loop.

secure data transfer
We will never save data from your spreadsheets to our systems

We ask you for permission to access your Google Sheets to move data from your sources to your Sheets, but we never store your information.


Integrated with the tools you know and love.

Connect directly with the data sources your school relies on and pull the data you need into Google Sheets instantly.

Google Sheets

Import the information you need into new or existing spreadsheets, and sync them with each other.


Pull only the data you need directly from your school or district's data warehouse without compromising student data privacy or security.

Google BigQuery

Keep everything within your Google ecosystem. Import data into Sheets from your data warehouse in a few clicks.

Want to get your whole school on board?

Use Scaffold Ed to give your colleagues safe and reliable access to the data they need without sacrificing good data governance.

We help you break down information siloes without breaking your teachers' spreadsheets.